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16th August, 2005 - Quick update. Using socket ready read, write and exception callbacks from fox cause the gui to not respond until the transfer has completed. That's bad. Forced refreshes don't seem to have any affect either. So it looks like threaded downloads are the way to go, or keep it at a polled system. For now, the polled system will remain, but a dedicated download queue using threads will be made eventually. For this reason, most updates will be restrained to minor bug fixes until then.

3rd August, 2005 - News page is finally here, not that many people will probably read it, but still, it's something. Alpha 2 of mirvChat MkIV has been released, with a few new features such as a proper download queue, upload limits, timestamping, and most importantly an error log (very basic one). So if it crashes on people, send that log to me. A beta version isn't far off now, just needs entire directory downloads and a few bug fixes to reach that stage.