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mirvChat MkIV FAQ

Listed below are some of the more common problems users appear to have. If there's something not listed here, please send notification!

Problem: unable to see other users, or see own text, but other users can see what I type.

This is typically caused by a firewall. It blocks incomming data, but won't prevent you from sending out data. Ensure the firewall settings allow traffic from and to mirvChat (see the settings to determine what ports are used).

Problem: file transfers indicate they are "completed", but don't complete when attempting to transfer a long queue of files.

Typically caused by windows xp, service pack 2. Large queues of files currently attempt to create too many connections to the remote machine, causing it to think a DoS attack is under way. The file transfers don't complete - they terminate in error. Better queuing systems and error reporting messages are in the works for mirvChat. -- Note this should be fixed now. Try setting number of concurrent downloads to one, and concurrent uploads to one.

Problem: random crashes

Well it is a work in progress. One of the more common causes is again firewall related. Something about a connection being unable to initialise or something. It is being looked into.

Problem: it takes a long time to load, and there is much hard drive activity.

The file share list is rebuilt every time the program is loaded. More main memory will help an operating system cache the file structure, but the first time the program is loaded after turning on the computer, it will require the file structure to be scanned. If people can't wait ten seconds for about 3000 files to be indexed, then they're free to try make it faster.

Problem: it shouldn't be done this way, you should change it all to do it a different way.

Neg. Source code is available. Feel free to modify as you see fit. If I think a certain way is better, I'll change it. If not, I won't.